Thursday, October 25, 2007

Maylin's homework addiction

She just can't get enough of homework! They've had manuscript homework every day except on Fridays, so by Maylin's request, I have to draw up some homework sheets for her. Identical to previous assignments. I'm really good now at drawing long straight lines and hand signs for letters of the alphabet. Sometimes I have to do this on the weekends, too. Oh yeah -- she also asked me to make her a homework folder, same as her school one, but red. I didn't have any folders on hand, but I did have some old hanging file folders that I cut up and glued together. (Hmm...cutting and pasting is fun!)

Maylin takes her homework so seriously. She and John were on their way out the door yesterday morning when she remembered she hadn't spelled out the word "monkey" on her homework. She started crying! It was a near catastrophe with John rushing her out the door and closing it behind them, Maylin bawling, and my running after them with a pen so that she could finish her work at the bus stop. And wouldn't you know, she actually had time to do it!

I went to a second-hand store last week and found an old elementary school desk -- a blast from my past! It had the scratched-up, wooden hinged lid, and metal base with chair attached at a 'T'. I had always wanted one of these! And what a deal! Only $25! Maylin doesn't use one of these desks at school, but now she can use one at home when she's doing her non-requisite "homework."

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