Sunday, September 02, 2007

Self-portrait at 38 weeks

38 weeks
Originally uploaded by Caroline in Paris.
I am just a few days away from my c-section! My sister-in-law Maria requested that I post a photo of my bump, so here it is, before it's gone!


Anonymous said...

Looking great! May God watch over your C-section and baby! Glad that everything is all set up just in time. So exciting that you'll see your little bundle of joy soon! Enjoy!

Best Wishes,
Old Roomie in SD

Anonymous said...

Dear Caroline, you have more than a bump. ;-)

Welcome back to the states, may all go as smoothly as can be, and I look forward to a time in the future we can visit!

in friendship,

Anonymous said...

Hey Caroline,
Congratulations!!! We are all so happy for you and so happy you're back in the states. We can't wait to meet Stefan and can't wait to see miss Maylin. She looks so ready for school.
All is well here...let us know when you'll be coming to visit.
We have a pack and play for baby to sleep in.
Mucho Love, Emily.