Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The yummiest falafel in Paris

I found it, I found it, I founnnnd it! After my less than inspiring lunch at L'As du Falafel, the most famous falafel restaurant in Paris, awhile ago, I vowed to seek out the best falafel in Paris. And guess what? It's just right across the street from L'As du Falafel. It's a relatively new place called Mi-Va-Mi, on the corner of rue des Rosiers and rue des Ecouffes in the Marais (4th arrondissement). I was planning on checking it out anyways because I saw a long line of high schoolers there last time and had a hunch that the local teens would know what's happening in the world of cheap eats. For only 4 euros, you can get a falafel sandwich, which is composed of the actual falafel balls (made of ground chickpeas and herbs) -- crispy on the outside, moist and full-flavored on the inside, roasted eggplant, and various pickled cabbages tucked inside the softest, freshest pita ever, drizzled with a hummus dressing. While you're waiting in line and paying in advance to the slightly pushy salesman, he and his colleagues will serve you fresh-out-of-the-fryer, crispy hummus and little cups of cool lemonade! What a deal! And you also get to watch the competition across the street do exactly the same thing for their clients. I don't have much time left in the City of Light, but I want to go back and get a falafel sandwich AND try their brochette sandwich (should be like lamb kebab) for a couple euros more.

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girl cook in Paris said...

Hi there! I had a rather poor experience at L'As du Falafel, and was wondering if I was the only one, until I saw your post!

I'm glad to learn about Mi-Va-Mi. So, thanks! Will definitely check it out. Also, if you want a great falafel taste back where you are now (ie, not in Paris anymore?), then check out my post today where I wrote about my experience making them at home. It's really very easy to do at home. Would be interested to know if you try it!