Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sweet spot

Maylin started out perfectly healthy last Wednesday morning, but by afternoon, she had a fever, no appetite, and vomiting. The poor thing. She slept a lot. When she woke up and got sick, I would help her get cleaned up, and cool off her feverishly hot body with a cool, wet towel (she refuses medication). We went through this a few times. After the last time, she felt much better and immediately gave me a kiss and hug. She said, "Thank you for making me feel better, Mommy." She hit my sweet spot then. I was so touched, but I was also so amazed that a four year-old girl could already feel such appreciation for what I did for her. I told her how happy I was to take care of her and to be able to stay at home to do it. Because not all mommies get to do that. Then I made her some egg drop soup, of which she ate many bowls. I fed her every bite and loved every minute of it.

This reminds me of one time recently when we were both at home. I got up too early and had to go back to bed after giving Maylin her breakfast. She let me sleep as long as I liked. At 10:30 am, I woke up, and we did lots of activities together. Then I went into her room and noticed she had spilled a puddle of liquid yogurt on the floor. I asked her why she didn't call me when it happened, and she explained that she didn't want to wake me up. Once again I was touched that she would be so considerate. She also proudly told me that she did pick up the yogurt bottle off the floor (to prevent the entire bottle from emptying). And that is a big improvement from our previous spills, where the liquid would flow and flow without any action on her part. She's a big girl now.

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