Thursday, June 14, 2007

My daughter's too computer-savvy

Maylin is very adept at using the mouse at the computer. She can play her educational games, navigate through Smurf cartoons on, and just recently, can get two clicks away from ordering Disney DVDs from Yikes! I was taking an afternoon nap on a very hot day recently and had told Maylin to not bother me before setting my head down on the pillow. She was very obedient. I left her at the computer to look at a slideshow of our Berlin Zoo photos in iphoto. When I woke up, she was in her room coloring quietly (I was actually scared for a moment because I couldn't find her anywhere in the apartment and didn't hear a peep, but there she was, hidden behind a whole bunch of toys, sitting on the ground, coloring in her Manga coloring book). I peeked in on her but left her alone because she was concentrating very hard on her work. Then, I went to the computer to check e-mail. I was shocked to see the website page open to someone's list of Disney DVDs. Wow! How did a four and a half year-old girl figure that out? I didn't have the site open at all. And now she was literally two clicks away from ordering a DVD. I need to disable that 1-click purchasing function now!

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