Friday, June 15, 2007

Me? A model?

Today, on the street, I was approached by a man who, after verifying that I was pregnant (duh! my belly's a basketball!), asked if I had some time to do some modeling. Who knows if he was another scam artist, but I told him I was busy getting ready to moves to the States. I felt flattered just the same.

Speaking of scams, remember when I got tricked into giving money to a man in exchange for some jackets? Was that September or October? Anyways, around Christmas time, there was a clothing drive and I decided it was a good opportunity to donate the fake leather and the fake suede jackets. So, I put them downstairs along with some other unwanted clothes according to the instructions on the flyer in the foyer. I assumed they were picked up and donated to charity. But guess what? I looked out my kitchen window into the courtyard the other day and voila! I saw those same jackets being hung from the window railing of one of my second floor neighbors. For a moment I considered them thieves and thought I would go up and question them into embarrassment. But nah, not worth the hassle. I was already amused that they wanted to take those stinky things. And they really were stinky -- which was why they had to be hung outside to air out. Some nice, smelly synthetic material. One man's junk is another man's...junk.

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