Thursday, June 21, 2007

Farewell, Paris!

Our goldfish Nemo has been adopted by some good friends, our dog Leo has just left this morning (5:15 am) in a Jaguar to go to the airport (a Jaguar because the dog-chauffeuring service, Taxi-Dog, had all of its other vehicles in use for other dog transfers), and our movers finally arrived yesterday after a two-day delay due to a nearly catastrophic miscommunication problem. We were able to spend the night in our own beds even though nearly everything else has been packed up in cardboard boxes. John and I had a picnic lunch of Subway sandwiches (there's a new Subway at Porte de Champerret!) on our bed yesterday, but we took Maylin out for a nice dinner in a nice Provencal restaurant at Porte Maillot called Le Sud. We hadn't eaten there in almost three years (the length of our residence in France) and our pricey bill reminded us why. The food was pretty good though. They are known for their boulliabaise (fish soup) which, if ordered as an entree, comes with homemade croutons, grated cheese, and spicy aioli (garlic mayo) to mix in. Pay about 15 euros more and get it as a main course (under a different name) with bite-size bits of seafood tossed in.

The whole moving process didn't get stressful for me until a week ago when we got the moving quote which shocked and enraged us. I immediately started shopping online for other estimates and found the average to be half-price! Unfortunately or fortunately, we had to go with the original moving company and after a re-quote which seemed to never have been confirmed, we found ourselves stranded on the day of our move. Fortunately, everything got resolved in the end which just resulted in a two-day delay, causing a domino effect of changes that needed to be made by me. Our flight and car reservation had to be rebooked, hotels had to be cancelled or rescheduled, buyers of our kitchen appliances had to be notified of the date change for pick-up (our refrigerator, dishwasher, washer/dryer, and stove/oven have to be removed through the kitchen window down to the courtyard by our movers with an electric outdoor elevator), our phone service had to be extended, the check-out inspection with the guardien had to be rescheduled, etc., etc.

Moving out of Paris is a complicated process. If I get the chance, I will post a to-do list for those of you who are or will be going through the same thing.

Okay, I'm going to have some breakfast and do some last-minute packing. I didn't pack away (or hide) enough stuff yesterday because the movers ended up packing our cleaning supplies which the cleaners will need tonight (supplies recovered -- they didn't see my Post-It) and after they left yesterday, I realized they had also packed Leo's required papers for travel (I think I was not clear enough with them)! That was scary. Fortunately, they labeled the boxes precisely and we were able to narrow down our choices to two boxes and found success with box number one. What a great relief!


Anonymous said...

Happy Trails sis.

Sarah said...

Bon voyage!

ColourMeCrazy said...

I know what moving in Paris is like! At least you're done with that now. Have a great trip!