Friday, May 04, 2007

The mysterious disapppearance of Mr. Black and Mr. Black

On the mantle, alongside our goldfish Nemo, there once lived our black beetles Mr. Black and Mr. Black. During our two-week Corsica trip, they subsided on the remains of a head of romaine lettuce. They survived the vacation, no problem, and Nemo (aka Princess) as well on his special, slow-dissolving, igloo-resembling holiday food. Couple days after our return home, our two tiniest pets disappeared. I remember seeing their last incarnation of a house (an open, clear plastic box) sitting in the kitchen, with the wilted lettuce. The kitchen was on odd place for their home to be, and I assumed John had returned them to their usual home, a whisky glass, because I didn't see the little guys in the box. I emptied the contents of the box into the trash and put the box in the dishwasher.

I forgot to ask John about the whereabouts of Mr. Black and Mr. Black because, days later, they still weren't in the usual mantle location. We finally had some quiet time on the couch together one evening and I was relaxed enough to bring it up -- mind you, this was at least a full week after Corsica. He told me he had no idea, he had never moved them into the kitchen, and he had not put them back into a whisky glass. So we don't know why the box was ever in the kitchen, perhaps I unconsciously moved it there...perhaps I was readying them for their house transfer. Whichever the case, they are gone now and were most likely tossed out with that lettuce, clinging onto the bottom where I couldn't see them. Or, maybe they got out and are wandering the apartment as I write this blog posting.

Fortunately, Maylin hasn't been affected by their loss. I think she even talked about them once as if we still had them. Aw, the poor kid's in the denial.

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