Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Food obsession has calmed down

Gosh, remember all those food-related blog postings from January through March? Now you can blame them on the pregnancy. Pigging out on pork in Strasbourg? My body was crying out for protein, and lots of it. Salami-egg sandwiches I made myself every morning for a period? Another call for protein. All those udon restaurant reviews? A first-trimester craving. My falafel project that lost steam? Another craving. And finally, in Corsica, I went on a deep-fried calamari binge.

I actually enjoyed all those cravings -- kept things interesting. Now it's really tough. I go to the store and I don't know what to buy. I never know what I want to eat. Meat's not very high on my list anymore. Greasy stuff? Not tempting anymore. I'm only sure about fruit, which I kept in stock in our hotel room and car during the Corsica trip. And a small bowl of granola and milk tastes pretty good in the morning.

Also, now that my belly is nearly hitting my record-sized boobs, I don't have much room in my stomach for stuffing myself like the good ol' days. Small, frequent meals/snacks throughout the day. It's a little disorienting when I go to a restaurant and I'm actually having trouble finishing my dish.

WIth some effort, I did clear my plate during my first meal (and hopefully, not last) at Zen Zoo, rumored to be the only Taiwanese restaurant in all of Paris. Went with two Taiwanese friends, of course, and we were all very impressed. Ooh, I'll stop there since this calls for a restaurant review.

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