Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Back to reading after a long dry-spell

I have been reading about three to four books per month quite steadily since September. But sometime in March, I completely lost interest in reading. Very strange -- like someone pulling out the plug. In early April, one of my friends offered to lend me several books but I had to turn her down with slight embarrassment. So it seems I just had too much on my mind. My brain was completely full and I wasn't ready to write another file onto it. It was like I had too many storylines going on in my head to handle anymore. I had the moving storyline, the pregnancy storyline, the Corsica trip planning storyline, and the Berlin trip planning storyline. I could handle minimal time investment reading, like magazines, guidebooks, and the internet.

My cloud finally lifted on Saturday, when I was in sort of a safety zone -- the final day of real physical activity limitation after my amniocentesis (which went MUCH better than last year's because it felt pretty much like a blood test instead of having my belly popped like a balloon). Since then, I've finished The Kite Runner (amazing story -- I highly recommend it to everyone) and Girl with a Pearl Earring (I got addicted and finished it in a few hours late at night). I'm working on a less-impressive Le Divorce right now. Not very inspiring reading although it's about some American expats in Paris. The author lives part-time in Paris so I thought all her facts about living here would be right, but I did notice one little error. The narrator's niece Gennie really ought to be in "ecole maternelle," or preschool, instead of going to a "creche," which, in most cases, is government-subsidized baby daycare for working moms. The daughter is three years-old, too old for a "creche" or an "halte garderie" (toddler daycare), and the mom is a poet, not really holding the typically required 9-5 job.

My nit-pickiness, I guess, can be rather annoying to people, but I think I'm a natural editor of sorts. I had the best time reading over a friend's early draft of a feature film script. Just loved giving my input, as long as the victim can handle everything I'm going to dish out. I'm very nice about it though, starting with the positive stuff first. Learned that bit in piano teaching. Actually, I probably learned that in childhood -- didn't get lots of positive strokes, just lots of criticism which got me down and compromised my self-esteem.

But that's another story.

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