Friday, March 16, 2007

Taiwanese pearl milk tea in Paris!

Yes, yes! It's here! You've had it in Taiwan, Vancouver, and in the San Francisco Bay Area (and probably other places, too). That cool, refreshing sweet tea drink with milk and chewy black tapioca pearls. At Zen Zoo (13, rue Chabanais, 2nd arrondissement), you can enjoy this Taiwanese creation in their tiny tea room/restaurant or buy it to go (4,50 euros for a "petit"). If you want the traditional version, you'll have to ask for “thé au lait,” “froid” (cold), and “maccha” flavored. If you order it to go, it comes as you remember it – in a clear, plastic cup with a specially-sealed plastic cover that you puncture with your extra-wide straw’s pointy end. And it tastes as you remember it, too. It was the perfect drink/dessert after my very salty meal at Higuma (see my restaurant review). And just a few steps away.
(available in English, too)

Sorry, haven't tried the food yet, but they have a very limited menu which was discouraging (see menu on website). I may go on a Saturday which is the only day they serve the Taiwanese favorite, beef noodle soup (usually nice and spicy!).


Anonymous said...

Zhen Zhu Nai Cha - Pin Yin
(for googling reference)

Pearl Milk Tea

Very good, unfortunately can contain upwards of 500 calories per glass. Also, you can purchase your own pearls at your local asian grocer. They also have the powdered mix and add the pearls. Here in Taiwan, it isn't as popular anymore but back in the US it's still quite popular in asian communities amongst the younger generation.

ashley said...

Zen Zoo has good food. I ate there before with a Twainese friend for her birthday a year or so ago. I love the drinks too!