Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Shall I torture the neighbors?

I've been slowly getting back into my operatic singing which can get a little loud and probably a little annoying if you don't appreciate opera. But today, I thought I'd pull out the old fiddle which has been accumulating dust for a year or so. And it has only been coming out about once a year since moving here. I really expected my playing to sound like someone skinning a cat, but it wasn't half bad, to my surprise. I was playing pretty well in tune, had forced myself to relax my hands and arms (tension has always been my big problem), and had a pretty good time playing old pieces -- some diehard favorites, and some that always intimidated me.

I have to say I'm proud of myself -- that I've retained still quite a bit of my skill. I will not be attempting any Bach partitas anytime soon though, nor will I be auditioning for any orchestras.

And Maylin even seemed a little bit interested. She didn't tell me to stop -- even came around to see how the mechanics worked. I knew music would eventually interest her. I'm not going to push her -- just try to pique her curiosity once in awhile and observe her interest level. Music lessons, eventually, I hope?

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