Friday, March 16, 2007

Restaurant review 2: Kunitoraya

This is, by far, my favorite Japanese restaurant in Paris. Sorry, this is a noodle and rice house -- no sushi or sashimi. But if you love tempura udon like I do, you must come here. I reviewed this restaurant after my first visit (search for it in the bar above), but I've gone back four times since then. It takes three times to learn how to order it the way I like it. First mistake: ordering the "tenpura-udon" seems pretty straightforward, but we got only one fried prawn and no veggies. Second mistake: ordering the "kamaten-udon" which is described as udon in hot soup with fried prawns and veggies, but getting udon in hot water. Yes, water -- not soup. I don't understand this and never will. Your lovely fresh udon are incredibly bland. Yes, you can dip it in your tenpura sauce, but then it's a little too salty. Third mistake: ordering the "tenpura-moriowase" (plate of fried shrimp and veggies) and the "kake-udon" (udon in delicious broth) without specifying that you want them at the same time because they think you're very French and want to consider your tenpura an appetizer instead of part of your main course. How to do it my preferred way: order the "tenpura-moriawase" and "kake-udon" and specify "aux meme temps" (at the same time). Your crispy critters stay crispy on their plate, dipped in the amazing tenpura sauce (you dump in their little condiments of sesame seeds, fresh ginger puree, minced green onions and mix it around), and you can enjoy your perfectly seasoned broth and amazing udon at the same time. A little pricey, but well worth it.

Tenpura-moriawase: 10 euros
Kake-udon: 8,50 euros

39, rue Saint Anne
open everyday 11:30 am -10 pm
(try to get there on the early side of the lunch hour otherwise you may have to wait)

website in French and Japanese:


ColourMeCrazy said...

This is my favourite Japanese restaurant in Paris as well! I always go for the Tendon!

Caroline Jou Armitage said...

What can I say? We've got good taste!

Anonymous said...

When I get back to the states, I am going to learn to make it myself. So I can cook and prepare it to perfection. I also purchased a special knife for cutting sashimi. It's awesome! Grandpa, Aunt Kiku, Uncle Yasuo, and I are all fans of Japanese food. Uncle Yasuo is a fish choosing expert. I don't like my tempura already in the noodle soup, it's not crispy any more. Anyway, I just wanted to say, "Damn!10 EUROS???"

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, next time you can try the sukiyaki
-lil bro

Caroline Jou Armitage said...

What exactly is sukiyaki? Is that really Japanese?

I know, 10 euros is a lot for two shrimp and a few veggies, but you can't believe how incredible it tastes!

Anonymous said...

Yes it is, it's like hot pot except instead of water they have a special broth with the veggies and stuff in there. Then you cook your own meat and eat it on specially prepared japanese rice. If the rice doesn't have rice wine and sugar in it, then the japanese restaurant isn't really authentic.

lil bro