Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Okay, I spoil her once in awhile

On Sunday, Maylin and I went to the Jardins du Luxembourg for a fun afternoon. We left the apartment around 12:30, caught the 82 bus at Porte Maillot, and had a nice, scenic ride through unfamiliar neighborhoods and past the Eiffel Tower. Once we got to Luxembourg, I convinced Maylin to first make a stop at the snack bar so I could fill my empty belly. I got her a salami sandwich (3,70 euros) and a hot dog with cheese for me (5,50 euros!).

Maylin really wanted to go on the swings, so we went. You have to pay for these (1,40 euros) but they were all full and there was a small line. We waited five minutes, and Maylin got on. She was scared and timid in the beginning but loosened up a little. She didn't loosen up as much as everyone else who got pushed by their parents so hard that the swings looked more like a crazy carnival ride.

When our time was up, we heard a bell ringing at the little puppet theater. Yay! Just in time to get good seats for the puppet show (4,40 euros per ticket). This time, Guignol told the story of Pinocchio -- complete with an intermission and snacks for sale (fortunately, Maylin remembered she had a sandwich to work on), a big set change, and a wide range of characters (squirrel, rabbits, lion, witch, fairy, and dancing mushrooms -- my favorite). Pinocchio's puppet self allowed him to raise his head on a stick of a neck and wiggle his hot dog-like nose.

Afterwards, Maylin had one ride (1,60 euros) on the famous carousel on one of the inside horses, to avoid needing to work at getting rings onto a stick, which many of the older kids really enjoy.

It was about 4:20 already. Maylin could choose between the playground (again, pay to get in), or rent a sailboat. Sailboats, it was. We had to wait about five minutes in line, but Maylin didn't mind. And two euros for half an hour was worth it to me. We had a lot of fun chasing our boat around the pond, watching it get stuck with other boats, watching it stop moving when the wind died down, and pushing it off again with the long bamboo stick once it reached the pond's edge.

5 o'clock. We sat down on a couple of the many chairs available to visitors, and Maylin continued working on her sandwich (it was the length of about half a baguette). I enjoyed the mild weather, beautiful garden (still beautiful even though much of it was bare -- in transition), and people-watching. Then, Maylin's choice: playground or rented DVD (4 euros), Nanny McPhee? Movie!

We took the 82 bus again, and finally got home at 6 pm! Including bus fare, Maylin entertainment costs came to a total of about thirty euros. But what is the cost of a classic Parisian experience for a most precious daughter? Priceless.

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