Thursday, March 15, 2007

Invasion of the men in skirts

For some reason, a small troup of middle-aged, beer-bellied, kilt-wearing Scotsmen visited the neighborhood yesterday in jolly spirits -- dancing, singing, and playing the bagpipes (one bagpipe, thank goodness, is plenty). They must have been friends with the cafe-restaurant owners right below us because the entered the building and began playing some songs for them. One of them was a bagpipe standard (I have no idea of the title), but the other was that oh-familiar tune that we all know so well as another bagpipe favorite, "Jingle Bells"! My friends and I all got a good laugh. I was also amused, the music nerd that I am, when I heard the player modulate up a whole step to the next key for the verse and come back down to the original key for the refrain again. Must have been too hard to do both in the same key, but I'm not positive since I'm rather ignorant regarding bagpipe mechanics.

As they left they restaurant, they continued their jolly music-making and I witnessed one Scotsman grab a French nanny to dance with her in the street, blocking some oncoming traffic. Ah, this is something you don't see everyday.


cecily said...

Maybe there was a soccer game going on. When we were in Rome, one day men in kilts (with soccer jeryseys) suddenly appeared everywhere! They were in Italy for the game w/Scotland.

Caroline Jou Armitage said...

Actually, I believe it was a huge rugby match between Scotland and France. Must have been a great sight to see the kilts everywhere in Rome!