Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Great online Chinese dictionary

While we were cuddling in bed this morning before school, Maylin specifically requested that I teach her more Chinese! She asked me what "shirt" was in Chinese, and to my disappointment, I realized that I didn't know. I couldn't remember "pants" either. So after dropping off Maylin at school, I looked up online Chinese dictionaries to help me out. I quickly found a great one (a minute ago) at

Enter an English word, and you'll get a chart of various translations, including the Chinese characters (choose traditional or simplified) and the Mandarin pinyin. You can even click on the pinyin to get audio playback. VERY helpful when you can't remember which tone to use. I think I might make some flashcards or find some online. This is such a great resource!

I was so happy when Maylin continued her enthusiasm for learning on the way to school as she asked me for more translations! This is a great one. She said, "What is 'cacahouete' in Chinese?" Usually she asks me to translate an English word, but this time, she wanted me to translate the French word for peanut!


Anonymous said...

Hey Sis,

Flashcard printouts from our school's text book. And another useful website for learning chinese.

-lil bro

Caroline Jou Armitage said...

Cool! Love the flashcards. I happened to buy the exact same textbook when I was in Taiwan last time. It's definitely the best one available. I've got the CDs, too.

Anonymous said...

Yeah you can definitely get somewhere with the book and the cd's. You know that book/system was developed by our school? Pretty cool huh. Well enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Have you tried those two:
- (with audio)
- (multilingual, english, french, ...)