Friday, February 02, 2007

What's happenin'

I've been a bit under the weather lately, but I'm feeling pretty good right at this moment, so I'm going to tell you as much as I can -- because I don't know when I'll be posting next...

- We've survived another week without John, who has been on a business trip to India. Actually, Maylin's at a great age -- she's quite manageable. Leo's been pretty good, too. Although maybe I've been spoiling him too much and now he hovers around the coffee table, where our snacks and dinners usually are residing. He's been smart to hover around Maylin, too, who likes to give him bread crusts and any other goodies she can't finish.
- Maylin was a nightmare this Friday morning, not wanting to go to school. Somehow, through all the crying and jostling, I got her clothes on, combed her hair, and she brushed her teeth. The key was that she was coming out with me to walk Leo. She couldn't stay home alone. Maylin was very upset when she found out we were walking in the direction of school, continued to cry, and continued to beg me to let her stay at home today -- she even OFFERED to stay with a babysitter so I could go out and get things done. I told her it would be too difficult to find a sitter last minute and that I wouldn't make any decision on the situation until we got to the door of the school, hoping that once she saw her other classmates, she'd hop right in along with them. Unfortunately, when we arrived, she didn't see anyone she recognized and continued to bawl. The principal, or directrice, came to my rescue and gently took Maylin into her own arms while Maylin was still strongly grasping my coat. I peeled off her fingers and saw my poor girl being carried across the courtyard into the building. She was still crying, but she managed to wave at me. The directrice put her down as they went up the stairs together, and Maylin turned around and blew me her habitual air-kiss. Oh, I felt such love for my girl my eyes began moistening. Luckily, I had Leo to distract me from breaking down, and we hurried off to finish our walk.
- I had scheduled a visit to see the doctor two weeks ago, but Maylin got sick, and then I got sick. And now, I'm just procrastinating. I'm going to try to see a new doctor who was referred to me, but when I called her receptionist, I got nothing close to a warm reception. I'm hoping she'll be better than him.
- Every tenant in the building immediately got new keys to our caves (basement storage rooms, pronounced KAHV) after the building association sent out a letter complaining about the constant break-ins and requesting solutions. But I don't think the keys are going to do much good. There were two guys dressed as construction workers/painters around the staircase to the cave. I didn't think anything of it because there is often work being done around the building. Maylin was funny to say that they were stealing from the caves. I don't know where she got that idea. But later in the evening, I found out from another cave user that someone had not properly closed the entrance to the caves. Maybe those two men were thieves. When John gets back, I'll let him check out our cave. I'm too freaked out to go down there myself. It's dark, stinky, and full of rats! Fortunately, we don't keep anything of value down there, and come to think of it, we hardly own anything of value, period. Too bad for any potential robbers.
- Things I want to do real soon: take Maylin to a Parisian circus (since she didn't get to see lions and tigers at the zoo last time), go to Pierre Herme for their famous (and famously expensive) macarons, eat at L'Entredgeu (popular bistro in the neighborhood), and check out Zen Zoo, a TAIWANESE restaurant just a few metro stops away. Why haven't I heard of this place before? It's near metro Quatre Septembre, line 3, serves Taiwanese snacks and drinks, and offers my favorite meal, beef noodle soup, on Saturdays. Although, I made a pretty good beef noodle soup the other day myself. Once I perfect my recipe, I will post it in my blog.
- You know what a bad housekeeper I am, right? Well, I decided to bite the bullet when one of my friends said her housecleaner was desperately looking for more work. Hey, why not help her and myself? Initially, I was going to have her come every other week, but she talked me into having her every week, and you know what? I think we really do need her that often. With my fatigue, I have been doing next to nothing around the house. We were getting tumbleweed-sized Leo hairballs dancing across the floor.
- I'm going to write about that Japanese restaurant, Kunitoraya, again, because I've eaten there twice since my last review. I have some recommendations on ordering. The udon's still top-rate!
- Maylin drew her first butterflies yesterday. So pretty! I think her artwork is quite marketable. I definitely have to get around to photographing more of her work and posting them on flickr. You'll be impressed.

Okay, that's enough for now. Keep warm!

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