Saturday, February 10, 2007

"Grandma's bread"

I marvel at the remarkable memories of little children. Last night, Maylin asked for a slice of white bread, which is rarely seen in our household as I normally only keep sliced whole wheat bread in the house (John came back with white bread when I sent him out, but probably because the corner store ran out of the wheat version as they often do at the end of the week). Maylin was so excited to receive her slice and pronounced it, "Grandma's bread!" Wow. It was about a year ago when Maylin and I went to California to visit my parents, when Maylin was first introduced to "Taiwanese toast," which is perfectly square sliced white bread, slighty sweet and buttery, and much better textured than regular spongy American white bread. Her first jetlagged evening involved her getting up out of bed several times in the middle of the night to serve herself Taiwanese toast. She also ate it throughout the day. I guess it was one of her favorite foods of the trip. No wonder she hasn't forgotten.

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