Saturday, February 10, 2007

An absolutely silent 30 minutes

It's rare for me to wake up and not hear anything for about half an hour (7:30-8 am). It's kind of funny because last night I asked John what he missed about Berkeley and he said it was the silence. Well, he just slept through the Parisian silence of an early Sunday morning. Here are the sounds we normally hear throughout the week:
- the RER train rumbling under the building starting around 5 am
- the birds singing with the dawn (they started five minutes ago)
- heavy furniture being scooted across the floor for ten minutes around midnight, right above our heads
- electric drills in action that sound like they're going to pierce through the wall (9, 10, or 11 pm)
- vacuum cleaner being rammed into our front door by the guardienne who is likely cleaning up Leo's fur (9 am)
- the espresso machine being cleaned in the cafe-restaurant right below us (bang-bang-bang around 6 or 7 am, Monday through Saturday)
- the same evil CD mix of not-so-great American pop classics every single morning from the cafe-restaurant downstairs
- kids running down the stairs on the way to school (8:30 am)
- people going off to work (9 am)
- little jingle-bell keychain of our upstairs neighbor (Leo used to think it was a dog)
- the buzzer to the dentist's office (across from our front door) going off throughout the day

I haven't been practicing opera lately, so the neighbors have been spared of that additional sound.

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