Monday, January 15, 2007

A Sunday with Mommy

Maylin with popsicle
Originally uploaded by Caroline in Paris.
Maylin and I had a wonderful time this past Sunday. In the morning, we climbed the 50-100 steps to the top of the Arc de Triomphe. Nice sunny day! Afterwards, we headed over to Ave. Wagram for a McDonald's Happy Meal. Then we hopped on the metro to the zoo -- the Menagerie at Jardin des Plantes. Maylin was eager to find lions and tigers but, unfortunately, the big cat section was under renovation. We did see a rather sleepy spotted Chinese panther. The other animals were quite lively. We saw two young yaks sparring -- jumping and throwing their horns at each other. Two other goats did the same, but looked more hesitant. One camel tried to lure his partner out of their shelter. One ostrich tried to get away from another's unwanted advances. The animal visit was followed by a romp in the playground just outside the menagerie and a huge gaufre (waffle) covered with confectioner's sugar. Several passersby could not help looking at this little girl delicately gnoshing on her large dessert. More pictures on my flickr site.


Celeste Winant said...

Hey, caroline.

I needed to ask you the following, but did not have your contact info. I google search led me to your blog. I can't wait to read it! Anyway, here is the question. No need to reply if you have no objections.

Mark LeMaire, the Vox Pop recording sound engineer, would like to use samples from our recording as audio examples on his forthcoming website. He maintains that our cd is one of his favorites, and is one of the few that he goes back to and listens to over and over again. So cool!

I told him that this sounded really cool. Please let me know ASAP if you do not feel comfortable with my decision. If you would like mark to use only subsets of tracks, let me know. I give you 24 hours to get back to me.

I hope that you are exceedingly well!
Celeste Winant

Anonymous said...

Hey Sis, new skype for mac. Give it a try.

-lil bro