Tuesday, December 19, 2006

So much to write about, too little time

Hey, I'm still here in magical Paris. So much to tell you...I want to go more in depth, but that'll have to be later. Now, you just get some bullet points.

- Fish/La Boissonerie (6th arrondissement): not your typical seafood restaurant, delicious, light, great wine, reasonable prices, good service, a favorite of Anglophones
- La Derniere Goutte (6th): wine shop owned by Fish restaurant founder, an American; will stop by for wine tasting some Saturday
- went to a club for the first time in ten years; danced for two hours straight
- Hotel d'Aubusson (6th): has bar with live jazz (free entry) every Friday and Saturday night; great service; an opulent smoking room with grand fireplace
- didn't go to gym last week because not feeling great; might not go often this week in order to catch up with friends; back into routine in January, I hope
- volunteered to sell cheese at a Christmas market to help out a friend; stay tuned for more cheese adventures
- Maylin's teacher was really excited to tell me that Maylin spoke to her again and sang songs with the group (Maylin reports having sung "Jingle Bells" in French -- wonder what the lyrics are?)
- adopted two large black beetles after returning from Ohio; Maylin named them Mr. Black and Mr. Black; John named them John and Paul
- goldfish Nemo still alive (in January, will be one year anniversary of his arrival)
- still don't feel like singing opera again
- I think I might be able to get Maylin into ballet in January -- she no longer shows interest in studying cello
- Maylin can write her name all by herself!
- Maylin knows nearly the whole alphabet; she writes almost as often as she draws
- finally discovered some great second-hand clothing stores in Paris (2-3 euros per item)
- frantically making Christmas decorations for tree since all we have is a few metallic balls and a string of lights
- am still reading "On Beauty" by Zadie Smith (trudging slowly because of limited time); enjoying it once I got past being totally jealous of the author who has written three other novels, I believe, and is a year younger than me! when was the last time I was jealous?

Have a merry little Christmas! Sorry for not e-mailing, but hoping to catch up in the new year!


Sarah said...

The French version of "Jingle Bells" that I know is called "Vive le Vent"--and it has nothing to do with either jingling bells or dashing through the snow. Still cute, though.

Caroline Jou Armitage said...

Oh, thanks. Maybe I have it on one of our French chansons CDs. I heard that there are very few French Christmas carols. Rather strange since it's a country drenched in Catholic tradition.