Monday, December 11, 2006

Beautiful French out of the mouth of babes

I cut my daughter’s hair this weekend and was curious today if her classmates noticed. One of her girlfriends indeed asked if she went to a hair salon, and Maylin told me that she replied, “Non, ma maman a fait ça à la maison.”

Last week, Maylin’s teacher gave a glowing report of her work. I am so proud of Maylin! “La maitresse” said that Maylin understood everything in French, was very obedient, and did her work very carefully and conscientiously (unlike most of the students in the class). The teacher was very excited to tell me that Maylin, who is probably the shyest student she has ever encountered, actually said three words to her! Maylin had a scratch on her face (from dog Leo) and was asked if her boo-boo happened at school or at home. “À la maison” (at home) was her answer. It’s amazing how three little words can bring so much joy to a teacher.

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