Friday, December 01, 2006

Be a puppy

[Written offline November 30 due to internet problems.]

I was coming back from the gym today and passed by a Schnauzer puppy on a happy exploration with his owner. The curious guy had a light, cheerful step with a bit of puppy floppiness. I immediately realized that as of late, I am very much like a puppy. But I think I’m off-leash. I have this youthful joy (especially after exercising) these days, and I am becoming more and more curious. I’ve always been curious about people, but now it’s also extending towards things and activities. I think it’s a big part of the process of transforming into an artist. Curiosity and appreciation of the little things go hand-in-hand. This morning, going down the stairs of the gym, I noticed for the first time that one of the dark wooden handrails had some beautiful in-lay work in a lighter-colored wood. Nestled diamond-shapes every few inches with a simple, thin, sliver-of-a-border running along both edges of the railing. I ran my hand appreciatively along this artwork – I could feel how difficult this project was. It was not the finest handiwork I’ve seen, but the person who did it definitely took some care in making it.

I don’t feel comfortable calling myself an artist yet, but I’m glad other people consider me so. This is definitely where I was meant to be. In an artist’s shoes. My youth held all the clues. I was constantly creating – trying to be truly original in my art projects. I even sometimes turned in homework in unconventional formats. For example, in high school, I turned in my algebra II assignments in origami form, or pop-up, or with little doors that opened to reveal the solutions to my problems. For a Future Business Leaders of America conference, I stayed up late one night designing 3-D name tags with spaceships or rockets (I can’t remember which) jumping out (there was some cheesy theme I was working with, like “Reach for the Stars”). Highly unconventional.

And now to add another thing to my creative platter. I’m going to learn how to draw better. I like to do simple cartoon figures and animals, but I’m stumped with drawing them at an angle. Well, I could use help at all angles actually. I’m going to order some cartooning books from I can’t wait!

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