Monday, November 06, 2006

Stream of consciousness poem

I bought some pens today after all (!) of ours either disappeared or ran out of ink! I might have found a favorite after trying many -- it's the Pilot V Signpen. It felt so good writing with it that these words just tumbled out of it and I had to keep getting more paper until my pen was done. The poem is very strange and somewhat meaningless, but if you read it aloud with your own pauses and punctuation, you might discover a pretty cool, very complicated rhythm. You might have to read it a couple times to find the right rhythm for you. I find it very musical!

Note: Don't get freaked out. This was a stream of consciousness exercise. It's just what came to my mind quickly. I didn't give myself time to really think about it. I kept my pen moving and stopped only a couple of times.

Read it aloud:

Dipple dapple bubble
snapple crisp crack crumble
cake inside slick slender soupish things
are round found underground
never mind the yolk-stained furniture
I care for not my make-up
stand down sit away afar
in ebony stones stipple stapple
the old man's bone is home to me
where eskimos' elk eat antlers
cold in morning sunshine calculating
every morsel of energy
enveloping the nostril of heaven and life
nook knocking helplessly help me
mind the shoes in apartment B
is behind number four the door is
black binder happy free enough to
cook my dinner on a frightened pan where mold sneaks
and finds a hiding place in light dark
freakish delight I play under
ashtrays alimony bridges broken
where water crinkles lightly towards some forgotten moon
where Martians understand their mortality and
forgive the dying sun my heart is smudged
drudgery dredged unlike holidays gone mad
I flick a memory into apricot shores
open bars and tasteless cigar ash open the cola
and smother with smores my open chest there wounded
mighty bound Christian sound
flood the pre-emptive acts of cobras combative
caring of nothing really just give me fronds
and I'll give you strawberry blonde
shakes me up and ties me down don't shiver until I arrive
you silly goat who smite my metallic dangle my dogged danger
my malignant smile who cares if this makes sense or not I,
said the ant who whispered a slobberish grin please cancel
my subscription again cross the name tick the mark I don't know
anymore wonder why my sockets are emptying themselves
fire in fire out crash the movie stoned in line whatever suits
the cat in the gray suit it smells forgone are the days of
injury helicopters and microscopic melon balls carry me down
to Mama's pasture milk the cow and cash the fairy
she has teeth more than one worth saving separate pawns
in white syrup savor no more cabbages and crawdads simple
crawl towards icicles rainballs and precipices
stuttle glisses grumpy gizzards
fly onto pregnant ground fearless
animal counting one two three
artichokes in harmony fourths fifths
all perfect in perfection
I hear I sound I holler hoo ha! ay caramba!
smashing squashy squishy things under my feet
feel my toes squeak squander all his pay on
bubblegum dreams and ice cream wishes paradise is near
pounce on it my friend my punky antelope friend
who flights upon sighting marigolds honeydew pancake rhythm
oh my soul
oh my handkerchief dropped into yellow water
hold my hand it's going to hurt my melancholy angel
just hush and hear mingling marmalade lardons pardon me
but is this your ape oh yes why thank you but he's changed
he's Henry he's hardened into taffy candy listen I know
who killed the mockingbird ding dong
the witch is dead fine here you take the jelly spoon
and tap the egg don't you'll scare him give me that
you finish bronzing that banana and I'll pierce the naughty neighbor
once and for all and just so you know
money doesn't grow on lizard skin
but if you licked it I'd like it much more
my candle's out find a match with matching gloves
and handbag hold this watch my fingers they are glowing red
innocent kiss my mouth you deranged hippo of yesteryear suck on
monster wax and ceiling paint I understand now
the misery your pain your filthy underwear dismissed from preschool
can't you see what's happening no you're too late take the bottle
and smash the bag the floor will cackle slowly mumble forth
where crepes and bugs collide au revoir


I felt very relaxed after I wrote this. As if I had done some meditation. Try it sometime. It's fun, too.

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