Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Maylin's teacher is concerned

Yesterday, Maylin's teacher gave me a surprising report. Remember I brought birthday cake to her class before vacation? Remember the teacher telling me she didn't eat her piece of cake? Well, after a week and a half of vacation, she found that piece wedged in a corner of the classroom. I'm sure it didn't look too pretty. She said Maylin wouldn't say anything about hiding it, but she understands that maybe she was too embarrassed to throw it away -- after all, her Mommy made it.

Maylin's teacher was actually more concerned about her not communicating to her. She never breathes a word to her, and rarely speaks French with the other children. She gravitates towards one of her English-speaking friends for the majority of the classtime. Her teacher said Maylin seemed to understand French, but wanted some evidence that she could speak it. And she really wants to get to know her better -- she's fascinated by the creative mind who makes beautiful drawings everyday. Maylin's teacher knows she's shy, but she really wants me to try something.

I suggested having more playdates with French children, which may encourage to speak more French, but I really don't think it's going to make her less shy around adults. I don't believe you can make someone less shy. I was very timid up until high school. But it wasn't until college when I really opened up. That was a matter of will. The summer before I started my freshman year of college, I made up my mind to be the talkative, outgoing person I always wanted to be. And it worked. I'm just going to let Maylin take her time. I can't change her personality.

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