Saturday, November 04, 2006

Maylin writes!

Last weekend, Maylin finally took some interest in learning how to write her name! She could already write a few letters (very few) and often mimicked writing her name on the tops of her drawings (with letter-like, almost cursive characters), but she often refused to be taught by me. Last Saturday, when she sat down and started writing some letters on her own with obvious joy, I took the opportunity to teach her to write her name, and mine, and John's, and Leo's! We were both screaming with joy after we finished each name. I would write one letter in the simplest way possible, instructing Maylin to draw "sticks" and "bellies", and she would take her turn with relaxed concentration and much interest! It really was a lot like drawing, so I think that's why the process appealed to her.

Soon afterwards, I suggested to Maylin that we write a letter to Santa. So letter-by-letter, word-by-word, she followed me along, drafting a fine letter to the round, jolly fellow.

Dear Santa,

I want rollerskates and a store.


Don't worry, the "store" is more of a plastic produce stand and shopping cart. John's company is already taking care of that. (More on that later.)

She was very proud of herself, and Mom and Dad were, too!

Today, she continued her enthusiasm by writing a little book. Mommy loves making little books, so I invited her to join along. I folded some 8.5x11 paper in half lengthwise, cut along the crease, folded the pieces in half to make the book, and "bound" it by drawing some kitchen string along the inner fold, bringing the two ends to the center of the outer spine, and tying them together simply. Maylin drew some lovely figures, mostly of Mommy and Maylin, and wrote her own words with her newly learned letters. A little frightening how she came up with "WAR" on the back cover of her booklet. I told her that that's what is said, and she told me that it actually read, "Don't fight in a war." Another page coincidentally says "NO AMO," which could be interpreted as "no ammo" or "no amor/love." Is there a little pacifist in the making here?

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