Monday, November 06, 2006

Free at last

Maylin's finally back in school after a week and a half of vacation, some illness, and Mommy full-time. We had lots of fun together (when she recovered from her feverish days and restless nights) making little books and clay animals, but Mommy really needed a break, especially since Daddy's been traveling for work. So this morning, I finally got into my routine again -- drop off Maylin at school, walk Leo, take two classes at the gym...and now I'm free!!!

I felt good after my gym classes today (BodyPump which is weight-training and BodyBalance which is tai-chi/yoga/Pilates), but I was REALLY excited when my order came in from the French ( It's a new book by Bill Buford entitled, "Heat." He's a New Yorker writer who had the envious opportunity to train in the kitchen of a three-star restaurant, an amateur among pros. I just love memoirs. I can't wait to experience what he experienced, without having to really experience it myself. If I had the chance, would I work in a professional kitchen? I think it'd be so much fun. As long as I wouldn't have to do it forever.

Some books I've read recently that I think will appeal to everybody include "Freakonomics" and "Blink." They'll really change the way you think about things -- and they're real page-turners. Hard to put down! You'll learn about why drug dealers still live with their mothers, and how one man can predict whether a marriage will succeed or fail with 90% accuracy, just by listening to a couple's conversation for fifteen minutes. Fascinating stuff.

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