Sunday, October 01, 2006

Wedding bells for Maylin?

Maylin told me a couple of weeks ago that she was married to one of her classmates (a favorite boy from last year who happened to be in her class again this year). I thought it was a cute idea then, but I never really inquired about it until today. I found out a great deal more than I expected.

She said her teacher had organized a mass wedding for her whole class at a church which had stairs and elevators leading up to big stained glass windows. All the girls wore white dresses with capes and the boys wore shirts with long pants. She had some difficulty recalling who got married to whom, but it seemed like a grand event with lots of food and dancing, with the dancing requiring a costume change into a blue dress.

I asked if there was any kissing involved -- nope, none whatsoever. Soon after, she got embarrassed by the whole thing and denied that it ever happened.

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