Friday, October 20, 2006

Surprising Maylin news

Well, I talked to Maylin's teacher the other day and learned that Maylin never talks to her. She has glued herself onto one of her English-speaking classmates and communicates only with him, at least in class, in English. The teacher seemed a bit concerned about it, but otherwise, Maylin has been doing well at school.

The principal, or "directrice," summoned me over after school a few days ago and was very concerned about Maylin's eating habits at the school cafeteria -- or lack thereof. She told me Maylin eats nothing, day after day. Maylin does seem very hungry after school, but she doesn't look unhealthy at all or lack energy. Yesterday, I asked her if she ate chicken and potatoes, as posted on the school menu. She said she ate a little bit and then the "cooking lady threw it away." A friend proposed that perhaps Maylin's not eating fast enough. If anyone has any ideas or solutions, please let me know.

By the way, Maylin's teacher is warmer with me now. Eye contact and everything. Since we've talked a little bit, I think she's realized that I can communicate in French and am not going to bite her.


Anonymous said...

Well... how is the cafeteria food in France?

I remembered when my cousin was in preschool (he's gr 7 now), he also didn't eat much at school (packed lunch from home). For convinience, of course, the lunch are mostly ham & cheese sandwich or canned ravioli, fruit cup & juice, things like that.
So when my dad picked him home from school, he's always hungry and would eat the snacks my mom prepared (Chinese food like dumplings, crepe, green onion pancake, etc.) On the occassions that he was sent home early sick, he would prefered soup noodle or porridge instead of his already packed lunch.

So besides not eating fast enough (how long do they have for lunch), maybe it's also their growing taste buds. If the food doesn't taste good, of course they eat slow, or maybe she's not hungry YET at lunch time?

Caroline Jou Armitage said...

The cafeteria food in France is fantastic. It might be too gourmet for Maylin, who prefers chow mein, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, and scrambled eggs. At school they have fish served in special sauces, rabbit with mustard, couscous, fruit, tomatoes, and various "green stuff." They serve four courses and that may be too much for Maylin to finish in one hour. That's 15 minutes per course. Yeah, it's too fast for her. She has to be hungry because she doesn't have breakfast at home (never hungry when she gets up -- like I was when I was a kid). Come to think of it, I didn't have much appetite at school when I was a kid either. She is her mother's daughter after all.