Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The real artist in the family

Lately, I've been encouraging Maylin to try learning a musical instrument or take a dance class, like I did as a young child. Little or no interest. She watched some kids practice martial arts, but she said she didn't want to do it herself. Maylin also sat quietly through my hour and fifteen minute yoga class but she had no desire to join us. What she does love is painting and drawing. She does seem to bring a lot more drawings home from school than the other children -- last year, too. One of her latest drawings even conjured up a bit of envy among some other moms.

I've always loved Maylin's artwork, but maybe it's more special than I realize. John adores her art, and never says anything about mine which makes me think, Geez, maybe Maylin IS a better artist than me. Yes, she is. I will take some photos of her work, and you can tell me what you think.

She definitely has some talent in the visual field. Have we already discovered her career path? Painter, illustrator, graphic designer, or architect? I say "architect" because she just built a really cool pirate ship with her Kapla blocks last night.

I definitely want to support Maylin in her main interest, but I would like to broaden her horizons, too. I typically ask for her input, but maybe I should just sign her up for a dance class, violin lessons, or karate. Or maybe I should just let her be for this year. She's still quite young. Not even four yet.

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