Sunday, October 01, 2006

Goal met!

I did my ten classes this week but nearly killed myself yesterday doing it. BodyPump is already an intensive weight-training class, but if you follow that with BodyCombat, which I was trying for the first time, your body explodes. BodyCombat is kickboxing to music, with lots of bouncing around on your feet which I don't really like. I did like pushing myself though, but I felt a little weird playing the tough, combative persona, throwing my fists and elbows at imaginary enemies and performing Karate Kid-style jumpkicks. It's a choreographed routine with very little time for rest. A full cardio workout, it is nothing like the martial arts classes that go on beneath out floorboards. They're pretty quiet down there -- no loud music, quiet grappling -- rather church-like.

There were about 10 or 12 students in BodyCombat yesterday -- less than half of the BodyPump participants. In BodyPump, there are usually at least two or three men. In BodyCombat, there was just one guy and he happened to be behind me. Too bad he was a flabby, white-haired, halfway-bald, spectacled, middle-aged individual. Anyway, in the process of learning a part of the routine requiring some shuffling forward with a side stance, elbows against my body, fists up by my jawline, I developed a fear that he would run into me and pummel my back with a few punches while yelling, "Chaw, chaw, chaw!" I acquired that section pretty quickly.

My face was the color of ripe tomatoes and my heart was leaping out of my chest when the teacher announced that in the last five minutes of class we would be jumpkicking into a squat -- I simply could not fathom myself doing that for 32 repetitions. No thanks. I skipped out. I didn't feel like a wimp, though. No one else from the BodyPump stayed for this grueling course. No one's as crazy as me.

In the afternoon, when I desperately wanted to take a nap, I stupidly suggested to Maylin the idea of swimming. Of course, she was all for it. John was too busy setting up our new computer (can I recommend the latest iMac to you? its wonnnnderful!) so it was up to me to drag myself over to the public pool with her. Fortunately, the water did wake me up a bit, and we both had a wonderful time. I gave myself a two-hour limit and we left as scheduled, just as the deliciously warm water started losing its deliciousness.

That evening, when the three of us went to share an incredible dinner with friends at their apartment, I somehow ended up being the chirpiest of the bunch after having survived my most physically active day in the last ten years.

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