Friday, October 06, 2006


It's not been my week. Now I've been bumped from the list of parents who will be accompanying their child's class to a farm next week -- the first field trip of the year. I followed the same procedure as last year. Wait to be notified of the excursion in Maylin's little school communications notebook where important notices to parents are pasted, instead of the rather messy American model of looseleaf 8.5x11s everywhere. Circle "I will be available to accompany the class." Sign. I did not anticipate the competition coming from overzealous parents who apparently reserved their spots weeks ago (but we've only been in school for a month!). I knew about the date, which the teacher probably wasn't supposed to blurt out during the back-to-school meeting. I should have spoken up about my availability that day.

I knew I was immediately a non-favorite with Maylin's teacher when she completely ignored me at the end of that meeting even though I was waiting to speak to her, standing in front of her face. I didn't even do anything. Maybe that's my problem. I should have baked her cookies or something. Or brought her flowers. Yeah, right. I'm no brownnoser, but someone who may lose out to the brownnosers this year.

The day after I signed my name in the little book, I received a little note on brown paper from Maylin's teacher thanking profusely for volunteering to accompany but that there were no more spots. Why couldn't she tell me to my face right after school? I see her everyday. Maybe it's this aversion she has towards me.

I'll write a little note to the teacher expressing my interest in accompanying the next class field trip. Let's see what happens.

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