Friday, September 01, 2006

Self-imposed time-outs

Maylin is really amazing. Lately, she's adopted a procedure for dealing with herself when Mommy upsets her. Maybe I tell her to do something and she doesn't want to do it. Maybe she wants something and I won't let her have it. She walks over to her room quickly, shuts the door, and then proceeds to cry in private. She emerges after she's done crying for about five to ten minutes, a new person. Sometimes it's a very quick mood change. All of a sudden she wants to "play [with] Mommy on the couch." Or her self-dried, still slightly moist cheeks are squeezed against mine as she hugs me. It's all better after a good cry.


Deidre said...

That's so cute! I feel better after good cries also.

Caroline Jou Armitage said...

Hi, Deidre! It's nice to hear "your voice" again. I was wondering where you went.