Friday, September 01, 2006

Quirky girl

Maylin's preferred outfit of the summer is a tank top, shorts, and sandals or rain boots. And I let her choose her own clothes these days which she likes to do. It's already getting harder to make suggestions to her.

The only way I can get her into a dress or a skirt is if I'm wearing one, too. Yesterday evening, she decided to wear a skirt since all her favorite shorts were in the laundry, including the one she wore that day which had someone else's chewing gum affixed to the back. Then, she pushed me and pushed me until I changed into a skirt. It wasn't really something I wanted to do since we were home relaxing after a long day at Jardin du Luxembourg. Sometimes, when you're too tired to think of a creative solution or put up a battle over such a small matter, you give in.

Sometimes, we're both in our dresses and we're just about to go out the door and she starts waffling about her fashion decision. "I don't want to wear my dress." "Why not? It's pretty." "Because people are going to look at me." She gets so self-conscious! Maylin must notice that she gets more admiring glances from strangers, usually old ladies, when she's wearing a skirt or a dress. "Mommy, that lady's looking at me." She especially hates it when men are looking at her. "Mommy, that man's looking at me." Makes her really uncomfortable. But then, she's not that comfortable around men in general, ever since she was a baby.

Speaking of baby, recently, Maylin said, "Mommy, you had two babies. Me and the one the angels took away." I was the one who told her what the angels did. She took to this idea immediately. She seems to have forgotten or not understood that there was also another baby that the angels took away. Anyway, it's better that she's merged the two together.

In my last post, I talked about Maylin giving herself time-outs when she's upset. Well, when Mommy's mad with her, she also has two other options. She gets mad back and threatens me with, "I [will] show you my wet carrot and you won't get mad at me." There was some episode when she chewed up some carrot and then opened her mouth to show me, but I can't remember exactly how it fits in. So now, her "wet carrot" statement seems rather bizarre. Maylin chooses the other option if she's the one who's still level-headed. For instance, if I'm mad, or I'm on the verge of getting angry or frustrated, she tries to cheer me up by tickling me!

It sounds like Mommy gets upset a lot, but that's not really true. I just get really tired and cranky for one week a month for some reason.

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