Friday, September 22, 2006

The phenomenon of step

Sorry for another posting on my athletic pursuits, but I just took my first step class today at the gym and it really surprised me. I didn't know what to expect because I didn't know anything about it -- just that it uses an elevated plastic platform, about one and a half by three and a half feet, which is the "step." Simple marching and tapping made its way into a complicated choreography of stepping up, stepping over, jumping, crossing legs, turning -- a real body twister. As I commented to a fellow newcomer, "C'est pour la tete" (it's for the head). Our brains were working even harder than our bodies, trying to get the routine right. And even though there was very little jumping and bouncing which I find uncomfortable (found in abundance in typical aerobics classes), I got an incredible workout. I could have gone on for another hour because I wasn't exhausted, but I was sweating like crazy. Very low impact so great for the joints.

Believe it or not, I'm actually going back to the gym in a little bit to take another BodyPump class. I hope this motivation continues. Remember last year when I was going to run regularly? It didn't happen. But I've been exercising for seven weeks now (six weeks without the gym, just on my own) so this is really good for me. Have I finally disciplined myself when it comes to taking care of my body?

I eat healthy and light, take my vitamins everyday, and drink lots of water. What a change from before. I think I do have to thank Maylin for all this. She's growing up, becoming more independent -- now I don't have to wait on her hand and foot. I can give myself a thought now. Mommies out there: don't forget to take care of yourself first...then your family. How can we be effective mothers if we're tired and unhappy? I'm finally getting this.

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