Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Maylin's first dental school!

Parents were pleasantly surprised to receive an evaluation of their children's dental health after school the other day. Maylin excitedly gave me the written report that said she had no cavities, that her teeth were well-positioned, and that her hygiene was "correcte." Wow, straight A's for her teeth! A Parisian association for children's health and the French union for dental health came together to provide a dentist to survey Maylin's class and to teach them how to better care for their teeth. Maylin proudly said, "I saw the dentist and I didn't cry," demonstrated with her finger on her teeth how to correctly brush -- up and down, versus side-to-side, and told me they weren't supposed to brush the "pink part." But what about the gumline? Anyways, I was impressed.

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Katia Craig said...

As a parent, it's good to know that your child doesn't have problems with her teeth, especially at a very young age. Teaching kids maintain good oral hygiene is something that they have to do for the rest of their lives. With good teeth, a good lifestyle can follow. And that will be the start of something great ahead of her. :)