Friday, September 01, 2006

Caroline Armitage, Caroline Jou, Caroline Jou Armitage

I've probably only checked my hit counter site two or three times this year, but it's always interesting. I can find out a few things about who's reading my blog. There's the general info -- how many people are reading, where are they from. But it can get pretty specific, too. For example, I can see what webpage a particular person was on right before they came over to my blog. It feels kind of sneaky to me, but to satisfy my curiosity, sometimes I click on these pages. The latest one that led to a surprise in the end was a Google search for Caroline Jou. Jou is my maiden name, and I went by this name until the end of 2001 so if I lost touch with anyone I knew before then, they do not know that I changed my name to Caroline Jou Armitage after I got married. And people I've met in Paris know me as Caroline Armitage because that's my name officially in France since I made Jou my middle name to make things more convenient.

Anyway, the results of the Google search was very nice -- a full page of accomplishments, so I patted myself on the back for all the work I did in my past life. But then, I noticed a listing with my name in it! I clicked it immediately because I was freaked out for the moment. In this first visit to Zoominfo, I found a page on myself, which was automatically generated through their computers that surf the internet for public information on everybody. Scary. I was looking at an incomplete resume that names me a current employee of a school. That was true at one point -- but before Maylin was even born.

Zoominfo gives you the option to update your info, and I was thinking of doing it, but...well, I'm still thinking about it. Yes, the whole world already has access to many details of my life (and now photos), but does the whole world need to know my entire work history?

From another Google search, I discovered that there is another Caroline Armitage, who is a professional photographer. It might be hard to make a name for myself in photography since someone's already done it. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I normally just google your name, "Caroline Jou" because it is shorter than typing in the whole name, and your blog pops up as the first hit. It is mostly for convenience. There may be others who are googling you as well. Anyway, Taiwan is good and school is fun.
-lil bro

Caroline Jou Armitage said...

I thought of that, too. E-mail me or call! Miss you.