Thursday, July 27, 2006

Maylin talks

John finds Maylin much more talkative now after our return from the States. She did used to be occasionally shy around her father, but now, she has no inhibitions. John is having a wonderful time interacting with our little chatterbox.

Maylin has her own, cute way of pronouncing things. "Water" is "wah-do" and "ticklish" is "tih-ko-lish." Just now, she pronounced "lobster" as "lob-sto." I wonder when the "er" sound is going to come out.

Her favorite word for the last six months has been "butt-cheeks." She heard me say it one time a while back and when she repeated it, I was laughing like crazy because it sounded so cute. Since she knows she can get a good reaction of people when saying it, she uses it regularly.

Yesterday morning, at breakfast, Maylin spoke to Leo as he entered the dining room. "Good morning, my little guy," totally cracked both of us up so she repeated it several times to multiply the fun. She continued with, "Have a good sleep, my little sweetie?"

At this age, kids are so honest. We encountered a large woman somewhere (it wasn't in Paris) and Maylin loudly said, "That's a big lady," to my embarrassment. When Maylin saw a woman with a slightly disfigured visage, she said, "I don't like that lady's face." I can't wait until she delivers the most embarrassing moment of my life.

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Sarah said...

I would love to hear about how Maylin is acquiring French, too! How much exposure to it does she get in preschool (how many hours per week)? How does she react when you or John speak French at home (say, on the phone or with French friends--or do you ever practice your French together)?