Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Maylin swims!

One of the great things coming out of the extention of my vacation is that Maylin is learning to swim! My little girl who refused to leave the pool steps the first week here, is now kicking around the entire pool in an inner tube! I am so excited! She even prefers not to hold anyone's hand. She is so independent! I have two people to thank for this transformation -- Maylin's new friend who came over often to play and swim in the pool and my new sister-in-law, a former swimming instructor, who got Maylin to jump from the pool steps into her arms.

Daily access to a pool certainly helps, too. Maylin can't wait to get into Grandma and Grandpa's pool to swim everyday. I have dreamed of this moment. It's too bad I'm such a horrible swimmer myself. Maybe we'll take swim lessons together someday.

Spending more time here also means Maylin has more time to warm up to Dr. Grandpa, whom she has been wary of for a long time since he was the one who gave her all her shots. Previous visits to the States involved Maylin hiding her face and refusing to talk whenever Grandpa was around. But now, they're sharing many, many kisses, they're playing and swimming together...what a wonderful sight. I knew it would just take time.

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