Thursday, July 27, 2006

Almost trapped

The other day, Maylin (completely asleep in her stroller) and I were our neighborhood FNAC, a large multimedia/electronics/book store. I entered initially to just rest my feet since I had already been walking around the neighborhood for a long time. Eventually, I browsed the DVD section and classical CD sections, and finally settled in the children's book section to sit in the new seating area and read some art-activity books for kids. I had probably been in the store for almost two hours when I decided to leave. As I waited for the elevator, the electricity suddenly went out. No music, none of the main lights, no air-conditioning. And no working elevator. If we were in that contraption a minute earlier, it would've spelled doom. Can you imagine being trapped in a tiny elevator with no lights and no air-conditioning with a sleeping child who could awaken at any minute and very likely scream in the complete darkness?

Announcements were made over the loudspeaker to inform us to evacuate. A very nice staff member helped me carry a heavy Maylin and her stroller down four flights of non-functioning escalators. We passed by the floor with the main checkout area and were surprised to find the cash registers running and the lines for them long. Very curious.

Once we got to the street, I fully expected the entire neighborhood to be lacking electricity. But traffic lights were working and the lights were on in nearby stores. So it turns out that the blackout was just another glitch of EDF, our lovely electricity monopoly.

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