Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Internet health research

My primary doctor right now is a general practitioner, and I'm just starting to realize I need more of a specialist in women's health -- either a gynecologist or an obstetrician. I'm filling in the gaps by doing my own research on the internet with regards to the health issues that concern me.

The Mayo Clinic website is excellent -- the interface is easy to use, and you get your well-written information in economical, bite-size chunks (very little need to scroll). For the very near-sighted, you are just one-click away from a large-type version. Just start with the search engine by typing in a symptom or illness.

Merck is a pharmaceutical company, but has a very informative website for people looking for extremely thorough articles on any symptom or illness. Again, go straight to the search engine. The articles are longer and a little more difficult to digest, but you get all your bases covered. Plus, they have a handy-dandy list on the right-side of most articles to get help with pronouncing those tough medical terms.

At, they cover a lot of different topics and it's easy to find quick answers, but it's not very enticing to me, with its glossy magazine mentality and use of third-grade level English. But, if you're a third grader, go for it! This site just scratches the surface of most issues. Go to the other sites for more in-depth background information.

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