Thursday, May 18, 2006

Not all croissants are created equal

When my parents visited this time last year, I still hadn't discovered the best croissants in the neighborhood -- mostly because I thought I didn't like least, I didn't like the croissants in the States. And I knew I didn't like the croissants that they make in the bakery downstairs. No real butter flavor, and almost bready. But, in January, when I had a friend staying with me, I discovered the ultimate croissant. And it's only two short blocks away! The flavor is amazing. They obviously use the best butter on the planet. They also have the best technique, too. The outside is light and crisp, and the inside is moist, flakey, and airy. You could roll the soft interior out like a rug. That's good croissant form. I have to admit, these tasty guys are mostly air, so it's even more satisfying to eat two. I could probably eat them everyday (which would be evil), but I somehow have the self-control to eat them once a month. I know, the trick is to not let yourself be hungry when you're out of the house. You might end up doing what I did one time when I was starving after a voice lesson -- eating "une grande portion de frites" (a large order of fries) on the metro.

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