Thursday, May 18, 2006

Early morning ramblings

I think I've been up since around 3 am. Anyone awake besides me? I fell asleep just fine and I think I slept deeply, but I think I awoke to Maylin coughing a little bit and now I can't settle back down. I guess I'm back to my old ways, but at least I'm getting to bed earlier so I'm getting more sleep in before the two-hour wakeful period from 3-5 am.

Nemo seems to be alive and well. I think his missing scales have grown back. The only thing is that his water is getting cloudy quite soon after we change it. It's already next-day cloudiness. He's gasping at the surface right now, the poor guy. He's quite a survivor. Maybe he deserves a real aquarium and a filter. I know the bowl isn't good for him -- it's turning into a real toilet!

The weather is finally perfect -- sometimes. One day it's sunny and warm, next day we have thunderstorms. Gorgeous morning followed by drizzly afternoon. Drizzly is frequent here. You can't call it rain -- you just call it something you have to put up with if you live here. Crazy Paris weather. At least I can safely take my wool coat to the drycleaner's now.

I am not a very good housekeeper, I have to admit -- but I put on a good show when visitors arrive (with advance notice). Currently, our place is the cleanest it's been in a long time. I finally have the energy to get nearly everything done (including reorganizing our bathroom closet). Now I don't know what to do with myself when Maylin's at school.

Actually, I'm planning on finally taking that walk on the Left Bank today, after the sun rises. St. Michel, St. Germain. Oh when the saints come marching'll be great!


Marianna said...

I'm awake! Of course, it's 8:11 pm right this very moment. Just got out of the Opera Workshop rehearsal. I think the scenes will go fine, it's all the other production aspects that are keeping me from sleeping! :-) Do we have all the props and costumes we need? People to change the set pieces? Ushers? Publicity stuff done? Program notes? Can the lighting fixes get done by tomorrow afternoon? The recital hall has had no attention to lighting since ... Beggar's Opera, I think, Caroline!!!! (By the way, we are doing a scene from it ...)

Have a lovely walk!

Thinking of you,

Caroline Jou Armitage said...

Hi, Marianna,

Since you have an itemized list of what's keeping you awake, it might help for you to write it all down and all their possible solutions -- clear your head -- and then you should be able to fall asleep again. Alas, I don't have anything particular keeping me up. At least I don't think so. Hmm...maybe some psychoanalysis or hypnosis could help...


P.S. No attention to lighting since I performed there in, was it, 2000? Or 1999? Egads! Are people singing in the dark? :)