Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Creating like crazy

I've sewn a simple teddy bear out of fleece and felt for Maylin, and plan to do simple bags and purses in addition to more stuffed toys. I'm sewing by hand right now (my very nice sewing machine is in the States, its motor protected from the different voltage we have here in Europe), but I did purchase a mini-sewing machine here for under twenty euros! I hope it works! I was inspired to start sewing again after going to a showcase of jewelry and fashion designers. I saw these really beautiful bags and purses by one Parisian designer and thought, these are simple enough to make -- I'm going to make my own. Then I saw some stuffed toys there, too, that reminded me of the website,, which is a marketplace for amateur and professional creators to sell their original, handmade jewelry, clothing, toys, artwork, etc. Again, I saw some cute toys on the site that looked simple enough to do, so here I am, doing it!

My other project, completely unrelated, is a music composition for voice and piano (could orchestrate for a band). Yes, after a dryspell of several years, I'm composing again. I'm writing lyrics, too. I guess the style this time would be alternative/new age? I don't have any dreams of ever performing this piece, but if it turns out well, maybe I'll share it with some people. It's so nice though to be working hard at something without feeling the pressure of a deadline or the need to satisfy a certain audience. This is all for me. Totally selfish -- so it feels very liberating. My inspiration for this project? Another website,, where you can listen to and learn about different genres of popular music (I confess I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to popular music).

Other projects in the back of my mind include decoupage (decorating objects by basically glueing pretty tissue paper or decorative napkins onto them) which I've done before but want to get back into, painting porcelain dishes, mugs, etc. (inspired by a display in the French art store, CREA), and mosaic (inspired by trip to Barcelona). My jewelry's still happening, but at a much slower pace.

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