Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Not in the clear yet

The ultrasound was not as perfect as it seemed. Typically here, the radiologist will give pictures and a printed analysis right after the ultrasound, but in this case, she didn't -- this made me suspicious. Now I know that she wanted my doctor to deliver the news to me personally. Still nothing definitive, but I have to do more tests. I'm seeing some specialists at another hospital. Perhaps the best in Europe, thanks to a wonderful referral from a friend.

I see now that I really took the ease of my pregnancy with Maylin for granted. How many women out there are going through the same thing I am? And how many are having two or more complicated pregnancies? Probably a lot more than I think. Let's all thank our mothers for what they have gone through for having us!


Anonymous said...

Lots of positives thoughts your way! With the twins, I saw 6 different specialists: ob/gyn, cardiologist, endocrinologist, perinatologist, diabetics manager, and nutrition counselor. And I had 2 bouts of preterm labor. But in the end, everything turned out fine as will you and the new baby. Sometimes the little ones just decide to give us a hard time even before they're born! Lots of love, Elaine

Caroline Jou Armitage said...

Wow, Elaine, that's rough. You're quite a tough little lady! Thanks for the positive thoughts and I hope the "linebacker" twins are doing well! Love, Caroline