Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Nemo's little life saved...for now

After we got back from Barcelona, our goldfish Nemo looked fine in his bowl. Clean water, his pod of vacation food worn down slightly...but he wasn't very active. I took out his vacation food and put in his regular food. Within a few days, his bowl was quite cloudy. I kept cleaning out his bowl, but his water seemed to get cloudier faster. Then, I noticed a few missing scales, but I couldn't address his health issues because I had bigger issues to deal with. Today, I went to clean out his very dirty water again and found Nemo motionless, but somehow upright, at the bottom of the bowl.

I had saved a pet goldfish in childhood by running fresh water over its gills for several minutes and thought it might work with Nemo. I cradled him in my hands over the kitchen sink and let the cold water run over his gills for about ten minutes. His gills would begin to undulate intermittently, and finally, at the end of the session, a very weak Nemo was breathing on his own. Not much energy for swimming, and the breathing looked slightly irregular, but I got life back into his little body. As I was working on Nemo, I couldn't help but think about the little baby in my body that I was desperately trying to protect from danger. The tears almost surfaced, but they never realized because I was focused on reviving Maylin's fish. I couldn't bear letting her down and telling her the bad news. But I know that most likely, sooner rather than later, Maylin will have to deal with the death of Nemo.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Caroline--I've enjoyed so much reading your Blog. I tried to e-mail you, but I understand you have had concerns lately. I will be in Paris May 1--May 20. I'm coming by myself and am therefore a little apprehensive. I gave info to your Mom yesterday of where I would be staying. IF it is possible to hear from you, that would be a great treat for me.
Carolyn Vierra