Saturday, March 04, 2006

Trading in beads for paint

Right before leaving for the States, I lost my motivation for making jewelry. Don't know why. I'm sure I'll get the bug again, but at the moment, all I think about is painting -- and I still haven't done any of it since I've been back. I am a fan of Georg Hallensleben, who illustrates children's books that his wife, Anne Gutman, writes. I love his painting style -- it's simple, but charming and colorful -- almost impressionistic, but more minimal than that. My favorite pictures of his are of Paris, where he actually lives. He does them so well. How can he evoke just the right feeling of a place with just a few strokes and some flat, but layered, colors?

I'm going to start painting once I get over this constant fatigue -- I just want to sleep entire afternoons away!

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