Thursday, March 09, 2006

Scissor sharpener pays a neighborhood visit

I was coming back from the grocery store and found an interesting sight. There was a man sitting down on some sort of contraption in the street, just off the curb in front of my dry-cleaner/tailor's shop. He was pedaling to make a wheel move. I passed by too quickly to see exactly what he was doing with his hands but when I turned my head to look again, I saw his logo -- a pair of scissors. Of course! He was sharpening the tailor's scissors! Wow -- what a blast into the past. I went upstairs, put away the groceries, and heard a bell ringing outside. I ran to the window to look. As I suspected, it was the scissor sharpener, advertising his services while he rolled his contraption in front of him. It was charming to see that this ancient trade is still alive.

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