Friday, March 31, 2006

Our big, happy announcement

We are pregnant! I am three months along which means the baby will be due in mid-October. I wanted to wait until my ultrasound was done today to make the announcement -- to be on the safe side this time. This morning while waiting for the radiologist with John by my side, I suddenly had the fear that something might be wrong, but fortunately, we got a wonderful hello from our beautiful little one. He (or she) was moving quite rigorously at the beginning of the session. It was so exciting to see all the rolling around, the punching, the thumb-sucking. To see the baby's facial profile was a true gift. I couldn't believe how gorgeous he is already. The radiologist was having a bit of a problem later trying to get the baby to move in a certain direction so she could get a good shot of the placenta and legs. He wanted to lay on his right side -- my side of preference, too, when falling asleep.

We are looking forward to having either a girl or a boy. Maylin wanted a baby brother long ago, more recently wanted a baby sister, and now she doesn't want either. Ah well. She is fully convinced that she has a baby of her own in her belly since hers protrudes just as much as mine does!

I will be delivering in a British hospital in Levallois, a close suburb of Paris. They are accepted under the French system, so fortunately, Social Security will be covering most of the delivery costs, but strangely enough, although it is a British hospital, I'd say less than a third of the staff speak English. The doctors often can speak English, but there is only one nurse who speaks fluently. So, by delivery time, my French better be up to snuff.

The last few months I've been feeling tired and nauseous, like before. So, I've been laying low, not being terribly active -- often taking afternoon naps. I still do a considerable amount of walking to get errands done, get groceries, pick up Maylin from school, and go to my voice lessons. I am going to try some prenatal yoga classes for the first time, and maybe do more swimming with Maylin.

I'm hoping I won't gain as much weight as I did with Maylin. I peaked at a 55 lb. weight gain. That was over 50% my body weight! I literally just blew up! I can barely recognize myself in photos -- my face, my neck, my appendages were all swollen. Not the loveliest picture. I'll try to stay active and eat more healthily this time around. Pregnancy really doesn't give you license to eat twice as much as before and to eat whatever you want. It does give you cravings which makes it more difficult to eat healthily -- like my fried food craving. One time, I just had to order a big serving of fries to munch on in the metro with Maylin. Before, I craved burgers along with the fries. I like to eat a lot of fruit, too. So with Maylin being a serious fruit-lover herself, we've been going through our fruit bowl like crazy. Oranges, bananas, apples, kiwis, strawberries, raspberries, grapes...yum! The pineapples are here so we'll get into those, too. I used to crave ice cream, so we've got a big stash in the freezer.

I've taken to baking goodies -- sweet things like cookies and chocolate cake. And every weekend, pancakes or French toast is a must.

John's very excited about the new baby. I'm so happy to see the joy in his eyes when he looks at me and my belly.

I am so excited to finally be able to share the news with everyone. I will try to send a mass e-mail soon, so I don't miss my non-blog-reading friends and family.


Marianna said...

Caroline and John, I'm SO happy for you! May all continue to go wonderfully well as the baby gets ready for the big entry into the oxygenated world! :-)


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Anonymous said...

Congrats Caroline! Actually, mom already told me a few weeks ago. You know how moms are..too excited to keep the secret. But now I can finally say congrats. ;) Welcome to the world of multiple kids. Life is going to get even more interesting! Love, Elaine