Monday, March 06, 2006

Memory of Taiwan #16: Rabchilla?

I'm going to start throwing out some random memories of mine for you to enjoy. Hope you don't mind.

When we were back in Taiwan last October with my parents, we were taking a stroll along a busy Taipei street when we came upon a pet store. I love pet stores, and so does Maylin. I convinced my parents to go in, and we admired the puppies and kittens...and then came across an odd-looking, white fluff-of-a-creature. It really looked like a cross between a chinchilla and a rabbit. The small, delicate body and fur of a chinchilla, with the tall ears of a rabbit. Don't know how that happened, but it was probably illegal from the look of the poor little guy. There was a small sign in Chinese posted to its plexiglass cage. I asked my dad to translate. "It's not for sale," he replied. Your mystery to solve is this: Why was this "rabchilla" being displayed in the store? Was it really a "rabchilla," or something else??

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